Assault of a Family Member

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Assault of a Family Member

Domestic Violence Attorney Houston
Understanding Texas Domestic Violence Law

If you or a loved one has been accused of domestic violence or assault against a family member, a Houston assault attorney can help you understand the charges and your legal options.

A Houston Assault Attorney Explains the Various Types of Family Assault Charges

Texas law treats domestic violence very seriously. As a Houston assault lawyer can explain, there are different types of assault charges that may come into play if a family member is involved. A family member can include a spouse, a person living in the home related to the aggressor, someone he/she has had a present or past dating relationship with or someone with whom they have a child in common. Assault can mean actual intentional contact that causes or was intended to cause injury, or merely a credible threat of injury. As your Houston assault lawyer can explain, the assault charges may be more serious depending on the severity of the injury or if a weapon was used.


A Houston Assault Lawyer Discusses Issues with Continuing Family Violence

As your Houston assault attorney can explain, Texas may prosecute continuing family violence as a crime if an individual commits an assault against a family two or more times within a year, even if no arrest or conviction resulted.

A Houston Assault Attorney Discusses Ways a Family Member May Seek Protection

If a loved one has been victimized by domestic violence, they may be able to seek protection from the court. As a Houston assault attorney can explain, the court may grant a protective order or restraining order to prevent the alleged aggressor from contacting the victim. For the alleged aggressor, this can lead to serious consequences if he/she violates the order.

If you’ve been charged with assault against a family member, let a skilled defense attorney review your case and help you make good choices about what to do.

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