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Knowing What the Prosecution Must Prove to Win a Conviction for Theft, Shoplifting or Embezzlement

If you’ve been charged with a theft-related crime, a Houston theft defense lawyer can explain what type of penalties you may face and explore potential defenses that could apply in your situation.

A Houston Theft Defense Lawyer Explains Theft Crimes

Under Texas law, the term theft encompasses a variety of crimes. As a Houston theft defense lawyer can explain, theft occurs when a suspect unlawfully takes something that belongs to another with the intent to permanently deprive them of it. Theft can include shoplifting of low dollar value items or embezzlement of millions of dollars. As a Houston theft defense attorney can discuss, its a matter of degrees.


A Houston Theft Defense Attorney Explains Potential Penalties for Theft-Related Crimes

Again, under Texas law, theft is theft in terms of the type of crime involved. Your Houston theft defense attorney will explain how the severity of a theft charge directly relates to the value of the item allegedly stolen. Theft of an item worth less than $20 may be classified as a Class C misdemeanor or petty offense. The penalties for this type of crime are less sever and may amount to payment of court costs or fees. A Houston theft defense lawyer can explain how the potential penalties are far more severe the higher the value of the item claimed stolen. If the items value exceeds $200,000, a criminal defendant may face jail time between 5 and 99 years as well as hefty fines.

How a Houston Theft Defense Lawyer Can Help You

Your attorney will explore the elements of each crime charged against the potential evidence the prosecution has. Additionally, your attorney will review the circumstances leading up to your arrest and after to determine if any of your constitutional rights were violated. Your attorney can negotiate with the prosecution on your behalf if a plea bargain seems appropriate.

Trust your case to an experienced Houston theft defense lawyer who can help you understand your best legal options. Call the offices of Christopher T. Gore, Attorney at Law to set up a consultation as soon as possible at 713-223-1600.

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