Possession of Marijuana/Controlled Substance

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Possession of Marijuana/
Controlled Substance

Crimes Involving Possession of Marijuana or Controlled Substances

If you face criminal charges for possession of a controlled substance or marijuana, its important to understand what penalties you might face. A Houston drug defense attorney can review the circumstances leading up to your arrest as well as the specific charges against you to help you decide your best legal options.


A Houston Drug Defense Attorney Explains the Nature of Controlled Substances

The severity of a drug charge in Texas will depend on the type of substance or drug involved. As a Houston drug defense lawyer can discuss, possession of drugs considered highly addictive with no medicinal value will expose a suspect to the most severe or penalty 1 class. These drugs generally include cocaine, heroine and LSD. Ecstasy, PSP, etc. would fall under the next most severe class. As a Houston drug defense lawyer can explain, prescription drugs such as valium or Xanax would fall into the third most severe category and so on.

A Houston Drug Defense Lawyer Explains Potential Penalties

As a Houston drug defense attorney can explain to you, the type and quantity of the alleged drug possessed will dictate how severe you potential penalty might be if convicted. For example, if convicted of possession of more than 400 grams of a penalty 1 class drug, a defendant can face more than 10 years in jail. For less than 1 gram of the same drug, the potential jail time drops to 180 days to 2 years. Its critical that you consult with an experienced Houston drug defense attorney to make sure you understand the ramifications of the specific charges filed against you. Your attorney can discuss defense strategies and the pros and cons of any plea bargains offered by the prosecution.

Regardless of the crime charged, a Houston drug defense attorney can also review the circumstances leading up to your arrest. Law enforcement must refrain from unreasonable searches and seizures.

To put your defense in the hands of an experienced Houston drug defense attorney, contact the office of Christopher T. Gore, Attorney at Law. To set up an initial consultation, call 713-223-1600.

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