Motions to Adjudicate and Motions to Revoke Probate

Motions to Adjudicate and Motions to Revoke Probate

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Motions to Adjudicate and Motions to Revoke Probate

Circumstances That Can Lead to a Motion to Revoke a Defendants Probation

If you are on probation, its important to understand the terms and conditions of your probation and consequences you might face for violating it. A Houston probation attorney can help. If you face revocation of probation, you need skilled representation.

A Houston Probation Attorney Explains Circumstances That Could Lead to Revocation of Probation

When a criminal defendant receives a sentence of probation, they must follow certain conditions. A Houston probation lawyer can review the term of your probation to help ensure you fully understand what’s expected of you. For example, you may be required to submit to drug testing, report to a probation officer, seek employment and possibly refrain from contacting the victim of the crime involved. As your Houston probation lawyer will discuss, if you violate any of the terms of probation, you risk having your probation revoked and serving additional jail time.


A Houston Probation Lawyer Explains the Procedure for Probation Revocation

If your probation officer feels you’ve violated probation, he or she may file a motion with to have your probation revoked. Contact a Houston probation attorney right away.

The probation officers request will be forwarded to the prosecuting attorney who will make the ultimate decision whether to take the case back before a judge. Your Houston probation attorney can negotiate with the prosecutor on your behalf.

What Happens if Your Probation is Revoked

If you violate probation and the judge orders revocation, your Houston probation attorney will explain the next step. At that point, it's very possible you may be required to serve out additional jail time associated with the sentence you received upon accepting a plea bargain or conviction. For these reasons, it's critical that you seek the advice of an attorney before this happens so that you understand the terms of your probation and what to do if problems arise

If you face revocation of probation, it's important to hire an experienced Houston probation attorney to represent you. Call the offices of Christopher T. Gore, Attorney at Law at 713-223-1600 as soon as possible to set up an initial consultation.

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