Driving While License Suspended/Invalid

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Driving While License Suspended/

Understanding the Consequences of Driving with a Suspended or Invalid License

Driving with a suspended or invalid license carries serious penalties that can impact your ability to work and ultimately your freedom. Let a Houston suspended license lawyer help you understand the law and what to do if you face suspension.

A Houston Suspended License Lawyer Explains Circumstances that Could Lead to a Suspension of Driving Privileges

As Houston suspended license lawyer can counsel, there are a variety of circumstances that could put you at risk of having your driver's license revoked. They include:

  • Arrest/conviction for a DWI
  • Failing to pay child support
  • Conviction of other drug-related charges
  • Reckless driving or other moving violation convictions

Regardless of the reason for the suspension, a Houston suspended license lawyer can help you choose your best legal options for seeking reinstatement.

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How to Reinstate Your Driving Privileges

As your Houston suspended license lawyer will explain, the Texas Department of Public Safety is responsible for issuing or suspending a Texas drivers license. Therefore, if your license is revoked, you must petition for reinstatement with this agency. Your Houston suspended license lawyer can help you with the paperwork. If DPS denies your request for reinstatement, your next step may be to file an appeal in court. Your attorney can start the process and represent you. In either case, you need to prepare to remove the condition leading to the suspension such as properly registering your vehicle, paying back child support, completing court-ordered diversion training, etc.

Seeking reinstatement of driving privileges can be a lengthy, complicated process. If you lose at the agency level, it can be very difficult to win in court. A Houston suspended license lawyer can help you navigate the red tape.

Texas automobile laws and license regulations are complicated and often change. Put an experienced Houston suspended license lawyer in your corner if you face license suspension or revocation. Call 713-223-1600 to set up an initial consultation with Christopher T. Gore, attorney at law.

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